We are able to offer any type of Aerial Work

Let us Heli-transport what is to you UN-TRANSPORTABLE!


Thanks to the long operative know-how of our Team, ELI-FLY is able to offer any type of Aerial Work.

The helicopter has proved irreplacable to carry out a transport in an area that is with a difficutl access or not reachable by any other type of land veichle.
Through a team of experts, modern helicopters and innovative equipment we are able to offer you a dedicated "turn-key" helicopter service for your contstruction sites with very competitive times, costs, and methods of execution.
No matter what your mission is: We will always be ready to offer you the highest standards of safety, service and precision.

Have a look at the list of helicopter services & missions that we operate daily within the Europan & the World region with the right timings and safety.

Transport and aerial work with Helicopters

On all the European territory