Concrete Casting

The versatility that a helicopter has in the construction sector extends into a series of supporting services to the construction companies which in some circumstances require the use of the helicopter to transport fresh cement and concret jets lifted by helicopter during structural works or complex projects in remote areas.

The helicopter allow concrete casting to be carried out with maximum precision, speed and competitiveness on complex construction site that are difficult to reach by conventional tankers. ELI-FLY have special Elitrasportable buckets that allow to transport the fresh cement in a short time over the vertical walls, slabs, foced ducts and yards of various kinds. 

Through fast and low cost rotations the fresh cement is directly discharged from the Heli-bucket thanks to the precision of ELI-FLY ground staff who, in continuos connection with the helicopter, takes care of the required positioning, dosage and the casting precision.

The ELI-FLY TEAM of EXPERIENCED AVIATORS through its aerial work services over the years has contribuited to: 
-Casting of foundations of hyrdoelectric dams;
-Casting of pylons of cable cars and power lines;
-Casting of walls, slabs of building of various kinds( houses, roofs, pools, poles, repeaters, cableways, warehouse, churches, work of art,..)

Transport and aerial work with Helicopters

On all the European territory