..is one of the first companies in Italy to deal with helicopter rescue.Transport by air, in addition to the advantage 
of timely rescue in inaccessible areas, alleviates psychological suffering to which the passenger is subjected in the
event of a complication during too long a transfer. A comparison between air and land transport is therefore
unthinkable: the first halves the time-distance relationship, not being subject to traffic conditions, road impracticability
and any obstacles along the way.


..1986, with the establishment of the public air ambulance service, Eli-Fly has been actively involved in this service.
Initially with a single-engine Alouette III helicopter, medicalized with an external winch system, then replaced with
an A109 twin-engine aircraft, also equipped for its medical function. The introduction of the twin-engine vehicle made
it possible to shorten intervention times even more and to increase safety margins during rescue operations. The twin-engine fleet is currently made up of machines of the AB412 type, our organization is also able to introduce
any other type of helicopter that responds best to the operational needs, upon specific customer request, through
EMS certified operators.

Transport and aerial work with Helicopters

On all the European territory