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ELI-FLY experience gives rise to the division of new and used helicopter sales services.

ELI-FLY INTERNATIONAL SRL, the leading helicopter company in Italy for helicopter services, specializes in
the second-hand helicopter buying and selling sector, providing dedicated assistance to its customers interested
in acquiring private helicopters all over the world.

Buying an aircraft is an important investment and the numerous aspects of aircraft ownership must be seriously
considered before signing on the dotted line. ELI-FLY is committed to making the purchase and ownership of your
helicopter as rewarding as possible.

A careful due diligence will show you those topics that must be considered when buying a used helicopter.
For example, pre-purchase inspection is a very important and often overlooked precaution when deciding whether
to purchase an aircraft. Many turbine helicopters or pistons operated incorrectly by private individuals may have
underlying defects that can cost thousands of euros, these are found only by carrying out a pre-purchase inspection
and a test and power flight performed by professional pilots. Potential buyers can ask the current aircraft owner to
correct them or negotiate a new price. Another thing to consider is the time between reviews (TBO).
For example, consider that you are purchasing a 2011 Robinson R44 helicopter at a price of € 310,000. The TBO for

this helicopter is typically 2200 hours or 10 years and costs around € 180,000. If the helicopter you're thinking of buying
has 2000 hours on the engine, you must expect to spend other amounts on this helicopter after the first 200 hours of
ownership. Knowing this, it will be in your best interest to negotiate a lower price for the aircraft.
Our airmen will guide you through the process of purchasing a new or used helicopter and will focus on the important
things to consider before accepting the agreement.

We are at your disposal for assistance on purchases - sales, due diligence, airworthiness management or
maintenance inspections, administrative or tax analyzes related to the ownership of private or corporate helicopters.
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