ELI-FLY | The use of the helicopter to reduce the timescales of a difficult construction site?

ELI-FLY | The use of the helicopter to reduce the timescales of a difficult construction site? | Elifly Noleggio Elicotteri

Esine (Brescia) Italy, 21.11.2022

Do you want to reduce working times? Do you need to transport material quickly, practically and safely by air?

The experience we can suggest is that of the specialized transport of material by helicopter. At your disposal you can have a dedicated Elifly team who, through an initial inspection of the place and the materials, will be able to evaluate in the best way the most practical method for transporting material by helicopter that you request. Let's give an example: the customer has very heavy material that he has to transport to a cottage in the high mountains and of course he can arrive by car but not with a heavy vehicle since the road is rough. Ground transportation would be long and cumbersome. With the helicopter instead, the customer can transport all the material, for example quintals of wood or concrete, quickly and practically in just a few hours of aerial work. Or, the client is building a villa on a slope that is difficult to reach and wants to bring large material into his garden. Also in this case, the helicopter offers the possibility of transporting the required material in a timely manner and in complete safety, avoiding having to ruin the soil of the garden. A means therefore that adapts to the needs of the customer for whom the best solutions and strategies are cut out with a view to optimizing times and saving energy. This is why we invite you to try the flight experience with this extraordinary means of transport, ideal for moving all types of material! Contact Elifly for specialized work requests for material transport by helicopter.

Call +39 0364 466375 now, send us an email to info@elifly.it with as much data as possible about your construction site and helicopter needs or fill out the form you find on our dedicated website.

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