ELI-FLY Panoramic Helicopter tour in Val Camonica

Camoon Fly

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One of our best panoramic helicopter flight experiences for those who want to experience an adrenaline-filled helicopter flight

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Camoon Fly

One of our best helicopter flight experiences for those who want to experience an adrenaline-filled helicopter flight or simply live an indescribable experience by flying and photographing from a perspective never seen before. This 12-minute helicopter flight offers a view breathtaking on the alpine horizon from a different point of view that will show you the peaks of the first Italian UNESCO site and the whole Val Camonica as never seen before.


Your experience starts at the ELI-FLY base. Imagine entering an innovative heliport base where you will be welcomed by our team of aviators.


After registering and recovering your mission folder we will accompany you in front of our helicopters of the flight line where you will be closely illustrated the technical characteristics of a helicopter (turbine, transmissions, rotors, structure, flight controls) and the principles that govern the flight of a helicopter in the sky.


Subsequently, your group will move to the operating room with your designated pilot to preview the flight route and carry out the preparatory training briefing for flight operations. On this occasion, the advice of aviators and photographers will also be given in order to have the best possible experience.


At Just 5 minutes prior to take-off you will be directed to the boarding-take-off area, so keep your camera ready to capture fantastic icons, including Val Camonica, Adamello group glacier, Val di Scalve and the Borno plateau.It is a fantastic and effective way to capture the best of our beautiful territory. There is no doubt that you will want to do it all over again and book a longer flight next time! Some of the iconic landmarks you will see along this flight include:

- Val Camonica (UNESCO site)
- Mount Concarena
- Iseo Lake view (from the Valley)
- Mount Altissimo
- Vew of Glacier Adamello (from the Valley)
- The Ancient Mount


RitrovoEliporto di Esine (BS)
SpiegazioniConsegna cartella missione + conoscenza eliporto e funzionamento elicottero
SicurezzaBriefing sulla sicurezza da mantenere durante la missione + predisposizione imbragatura
Inizializzazione e VoloInizializzazione al volo fotografico e partenza
Ricordo finaleA missione terminata ricordo impresso nella mente per sempre

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